Friday, November 30, 2007

Chad, Tony

[Photograph: HeadworX]

Tony Chad


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. A Possum's Tail
2. My First Home
3. The last waltz
4. Letter from Ireland
5. Hirondelles
6. Ricardo
7. In case you were wondering ….
8. Snake
9. Six
10. Mastering the Arts
11. How it is
12. Welcome to LA
13. S E P A R A T I O N
14. A Coming Of Age
15. Playing the game
16. Clearing out the Closet
17. After

Bio / Bibliography:

Tony Chad is a full time musician and poet living in the country just outside Upper Hutt. He is the managing editor of SPIN magazine and editor of monthly poetry magazine Valley Micropress whose first anthology All Together Now!was released last year. He is well known for his poetry and original songs, and for performances with his Celtic band Finn McCool who have appeared at Summer City, Orientation and Toast Martinborough as well as many Irish Pubs & Clubs from Wellington to Taranaki and Hawkes Bay. Tony performs solo or with Scottish fiddler Alistair Cuthill, has performed music and poetry at folk clubs all around the North Island plus solo excursions to the South Island and has presented workshops to adults and to school-children in both islands. He has organised and performed in two celebrations of Montana Poetry Day in Upper Hutt, along with performers such as Sam Hunt, James Brown, and Lewis Scott.

Tony has appeared many times in the Wellington Fringe Festival - twice in Stand Up Poets, three times in Welcome to the Flat Earthers and a Band of Poets, once in Upper Hutt's Kool Store and once in Upper Hutt Comes to Town. His work has appeared in several editions of JAAM and Poetry NZ as well as many anthologies and magazines in New Zealand and overseas. Much of his work targets people in business, aiming to question how we sell our time and why, and what becomes of our creativity and our sensitivity in the process. After 20 years corporate computing he is enthusiastically embracing a life after corporate death.

Sun over Kapiti (1995) album of original music: CD.

Tigers, Wild Pigs & Possums ISBN 0-473-05031-5. (Aug 1997)

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