Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dane, Peter

[Photograph: Jan Kemp (2002)]

Peter Dane (1921-2016)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. I Love Two Women
2. Make Me Gay
3. The Life We Share
4. Post Mortem
5. The Albatross Is Dead
6. The Play Has Ended
7. To Be Carefree
8. The Curtain Rises
9. Learning To Trust
10. So Near so Far [1-3]
11. Is It Time?
12. Can These Bones Live?
13. Reel
14. The Long and the Short of it
15. Cruel Memory [1-2]
16. Illimitable
17. Disclosure

Waiata Archive (1974):

CD 9

Three Poems from the German of Christian Morgenstern
1. An Aesthetic Creature
2. The Fence
3. The Sigh
Just to Show What He Could Do
Sunday Afternoon
Parhelion – on Van Gogh’s Night Piece with Stars
Dutch Interior on Peter Jansen’s Woman reading
Sunset at Muriwai
The Parting
After the Parting
The Spider & the Fly
Heard melodies are sweet …

Bio / Bibliography:

Born in Berlin in 1921, of mixed German and Jewish parentage. Fled to England in 1939. Interned as an enemy alien in 1940 and transported to Australia. Returned to England in 1942. Married Gabriele Herrmann in 1945, when he was a stoker and she was a qualified nurse. Studied Mathematics and Philosophy, then Greek, Theology and Literature. Graduated from London University in 1952. Taught at Makere in Uganda for eight years, and from 1962 to 1986 taught English Literature at Auckland University. His passion for Art in its various forms, in the early ‘70s joined forces with a passionate concern for the environment, which sustains all life and art. Peter Dane died on the 29th July, 2016.


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The Albatross is Dead: Sixty Sonnets, Auckland: Hudson Cresset, , 2000.
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Unknown said...

My name is Julian Daymond I am in the UK. Peter has been a friend of my family since 1946.I last heard from Peter in 2011 and am concerned. I don't have a 'phone number and would very much like to know that all is well. Also a very good friend of mine has come to work in Auckland for 6 months and I have asked him if he would visit Peter but obviously I must establish contact again. Is it possible for you to help me.
I really do hope you can and look forward to hearing. In the meantime please send my best wishes and loveto Peter. Thanks, Julian.

Unknown said...

My name is Julian Daymond husband of Sibylle we live in the UK at the moment. Peter has been a life long friend of my family and I am concerned that I havn't heard from him for over a year. Can you send him my love and let me have his telephone number. I have a good friend in Aukland over from the UK on a 6 months contract and would visit Peter on my behalf but I must establish contact again. I hope this message will bring me the result I want. Best wishes, Julian

Anonymous said...

Dear Sibylle,

I am a friend of Peter and Evelyn's and will let him know.
If you leave your contact details, I can let you know.

He is alive and full of humour.

Jenny Rawlings

Christiane Hoffrath said...

Dear Jenny Rawlings,
my name is Christiane Hoffrath and I am a librarian at the University Library of Cologne in Germany. A book from the library of Bruno Marwitz Peter's Grandfather was found in our library. We would like to restitute this book to him. May you help me to get contact to Peter Dane.
More informations:

Thank you an dbest wishes
Christiane Hoffrath

Unknown said...

I am one of many in the class of the 2 papers in ENGLISH 1 1972 - Peter Dane as lecturer for RenaissancePoetry .

Absolute inspiration for my life in literature then and since that time - hope he doesn't fade for some while yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Peter's son David.
Peter died on the 29 July 2016. You can contact me at