Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dickson, John

[photograph: Jan Kemp (2002)]

John Dickson (b. 1944)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. To start with
2. plainsong
3. spinster
4. roadside
5. her words, her vision mainly
6. a glimmering of grand ultimate fist
7. memory
8. the fortune teller
9. sleeper

Bio / Bibliography:

Born 1944 in Milton, South Otago. Lives in Dunedin. Burns Fellow 1988. University of Waikato Writer-in-Residence 2000.


What happened on the way to Oamaru, Christchurch: Untold, c.l986.
Sleeper, Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1998.


‘butan’. Christchurch: New Edge, c.1991.