Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fitchett, Sue

Sue Fitchett (b. 1945)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Boning Up
2. Back then
3. The Spirit of the Place
4. Whanganui Taniwha
5. Corresponding with Lorine Niedecker
6. Icarus
7. fires across the landscape
8. 1981
9. Queen Auckland
10. Honey for the Money

Bio / Bibliography:

Born in Lower Hutt; New Zealand 1945
Professional employment - Clinical Psychologist
Lives on Waiheke Island.


Literary Fund Grant in 1984.
2002 Louis Johnson bursar.
Co-winner of the 1998 New Zealand Poetry Society's International Poetry Competition.
Place getter in Takahe 2000 Poetry competition.
Commendation awards in various other national competitions.


Co-author of collection Drawing Together (with Marina Bachmann and Janet Charman): Published by Spiral; Distributed by New Women's Press; 1985.

Co-editor of the lesbian companion volume (Eat These Sweet Words) of The New Zealand Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Poetry (co-edited with Marewa Glover, Cary McDermott, Rhona Vickoce and Jonathan Fisher): Published by Publishing Giant Press; Christchurch; 1999.

Co-author of a collaborative work with photographer Jane Zusters (Charts & Soundings; some small navigation aids) Edited by Bernadette Hall & Elizabeth Allen; Published by Spiral in association with Island Bridge. Distributed in NZ by Addenda Ltd. and in Australia by Spinifex Press: 1999.

Author of poetry collection Palaver Lava Queen. Published by Auckland University Press in November 2004 (ISBN: 1 86940 326 6).

Published poetry in a number of anthologies, literary journals (New Zealand and Australia) and national magazines.


Published prose piece in the anthology Car Maintenance, Explosives and Love: Ed. by Susan Hawthorne; Cathie Dunsford & Susan Sayer: Spinifex Press: Melbourne: 1997
Published short stories in periodicals.


A number of articles have been commissioned for periodicals.
One article has been reprinted in the anthology Been Around for Quite a While: Broadsheet: Twenty Years: Ed. by Pat Rosier: New Women's Press: 1992.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to obtain an
Email contact for Susan? She was bridesmaid at a wedding in
Eastbourne, Wellington many years
ago. Her mother was very kind when
I arrived. She will surely remember my musical spirit. It was exciting to see she is writing
poetry with success and continuing
as a psychologist.
Karen Ponader (ex Grills)

Dr Jack Ross said...

Hi jack again...I tried to check Karen's email address on-line...no luck and realise I can't leave comment on the blog because I don't have a google account (trying to keep expenses low as now retired clinical psychologist). have you got time to leave my email address (fitchett@ihug.co.nz)under that post of Karen's...if not thats ok.

Dr Jack Ross said...

The above comment comes from Sue Fitchett, not from me - I'm just posting it for her.

I should just remark parenthetically, though, that Google accounts are free and cost nothing to maintain.

You don't need to have one to leave a comment, in any case.