Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Forbes, Lindsay

Lindsay Forbes


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. A Lesson in Geography
2. all that remains
3. applejack
4. Art
5. As I lay me down to sleep
6. Black & White
7. Lost light
8. Rain Poem
9. Relationship
10. Siren
11. Symphony (Sept 8)
12. The Colonel
13. The Muse
14. To Hemi: A late thanksgiving
15. Twelve Days
16. Two Harbours

Bio / Bibliography:

Lindsay Forbes is the author of The Bearing Earth, a satire on Eliot’s The Wasteland. He has won numerous commendations for his poetry including First Prize in an International Haiku Competition. His work has been published in several journals, anthologies and texts; and has also been used by other performers. Much of his poetry is politically motivated. He and Alison Wong are the co-founders of Poetry CafĂ© in Porirua. Both have been invited guest poets at numerous venues through New Zealand.

Lindsay is also the publisher and proprietor of ‘Inkweed’, which has published the poetry of Adrienne Jansen, Robin Fry and Martha Morseth; and the novel Manslaughter by Jon McLeary.

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