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Glover, Denis

[Photograph: Rupert Glover]

Denis Glover (1912-1980)


Classic New Zealand Poets in Performance (2006):

The Magpies

New Zealand Poets Read Their Work (1974):

LP 1, side 2

Sunday Morning
Death of a Dictator
The Scientist

LP 3, side 1

The Magpies
For a Child
The Weather Cast

Waiata Archive (1974):

CD 1

Denis Glover reads A. R. D. Fairburn's "The Rakehelly Man"

CD 6
Sunday Morning
The Scientist
Off Banks Peninsula

CD 7

Death of a Dictator
To the Plane
The Astronomer Distraught
The Weather Cast
That Shining Shame Called Ireland
The Magpies
For a Child

Bio /Bibliography:

Denis Glover was born in Dunedin, though most of his childhood (after his parents’ divorce) was spent in New Plymouth. Educated at Auckland Grammar (where he met the printer Bob Lowry), he transferred in his sixth form year to Christ’s College, Christchurch, completing his education with a BA in English and Greek from Canterbury University College (1930-34).

A keen boxer and climber, his passion for writing led him to printing and journalism. Inspired by the success of Lowry’s student magazine Phoenix, he began the magazine Oriflamme in 1933. It was suppressed by the authorities as a result of an article entitled “Sex and the Undergraduate.”

In 1935 he founded the Caxton Press, which published volumes of verse by Fairburn, Mason, Curnow, and Glover himself – including the notorious Arraignment of Paris (1937), a lampoon on journalist C. A. Marris’s annual volumes of New Zealand Best Poems.

Volunteering for the Navy during the war, he served with distinction on the Arctic convoys and the D-Day landings. On his return to New Zealand in 1944 he threw himself into publishing with renewed energy. The war poems included in The Wind and the Sand: Poems 1934-44, are among his finest.

His later career was prolific and turbulent. Alcoholism poisoned many of his professional associations, but he continued to write, and left behind a substantial legacy of work both in prose and poetry when he died in 1980.

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