Monday, November 26, 2007

Green, Tony

[Photograph: Jan Kemp (2002)]

Tony Green (b. 1936)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. The anxious Woolrest
2. Buying the first Picasso
3. news
4. accumulation – 25 March 02
5. accumulation – 1 April 02
6. Accumulations & Walking
7. Alien Weltanschauung

Bio / Bibliography:

A.S.G.GREEN [aka Tony Green]

Born: London, 26 April 1936.

Educated: The Hall School, Hampstead 1942-1949; Harrow School 1949-1954; St Catharine’s College, Cambridge University, 1954-1957, M. A. [English Literature]; Courtauld Institute of Art, 1958-1960, Postgraduate Diploma [Art History]; University of Edinburgh, 1963-1968, Ph.D. [Fine Arts].

Employment: Assistant Lecturer, 1960-1963; Lecturer 1963-1969, Dept. of Fine Arts, University of Edinburgh; Professor of Art History, University of Auckland, 1969-1998.

Currently: Making coloured poem tubes & studying baroque keyboard music.

Editing: Founder editor of Bulletin of New Zealand Art History; editor, volumes 1-9. Co-editor, with Wystan Curnow, Roger Horrocks and Judi Stout: Splash. 1984-1986.


Nicolas Poussin paints the Seven Sacraments twice, Paravail, 2000.
Toss Woollaston: Origins & Influence, Art History, Victoria University, Wellington, 2004.
Poussin’s Humour, Paravail, 2010 [e-book].
Many essays and reviews on New Zealand art.

Poetry books:

Londonettes and underground reading, Gee. 1978
Doe Oxide and other reflections, Gee, 1978.
Untold angels, Gee, 1979.
Software, Splash, 1986.
No place to go, The Pear Tree Press. (Designed and printed by Tara McLeod: 15 copies), 1997.
Job Number [44 accumulations], Paravail, 2006.
12MiCRoChips & 2 PIEs, Paravail, 2007.
Blue-bottle I – XVII, Paravail, 2007.
Sourdough, Electio Editions, Melbourne, 2011.

Poetry published in magazines:

Morepork, Parallax, Tango, And, Splash, Landfall, A Brief Description of the Whole World, Back to Front [ed John Geraets in Japan], Generator [ed. John Byrum. Cleveland, Ohio], Lost & Found Times [ed John M. Bennett. Columbus, Ohio], Crayon, Jackon Mac Low 75th birthday issue [ed. Andrew Levy & Bob Harrison], and occasional contributions to poetry on-line magazines.

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