Saturday, November 24, 2007

Harpeng, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Harpeng


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. In Brief, An Inner Sun
2. Love Scene Without Subtitles
3. Dark Water Dreaming – 1
4. Dark Water Dreaming – 3
5. Where she finds herself
6. The Leopard
7. Play Therapy
8. white
9. Bitter Ends
10. January Child
11. Gunsmoke
12. Tombstone Territory
13. What goes
14. jass
15. First Thoughts In A New Land
16. Pigs’ Tooth

Bio / Bibliography:

Jeffrey Harpeng has been referred to by James Norcliffe as the ‘eminence gris’ of the Christchurch poetry scene. In addition to having published two collections of his work, Harpeng has had his poetry and haiku featured in Takake, Poetry NZ, and the Christchurch Press.


Silhouettes, Auckland: Chamaeleon Press, 1986
Interruption of Dreams: Selected Poems 1986-2003, Christchurch: Sudden Valley Press, 2003

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Anonymous said...

I have just discovered Jeffrey Harpeng thru his book Silhouettes..Im taken aback by his prose!Fasinating and Relevent!