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Jackaman, Rob

Rob Jackaman (b. 1945)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Mahavishnu
2. The Lady Walks
3. Zone
4. Skins
5. from Apes Road/Interim
6. from Bare Wires
7. Mr Poe does Riccarton
8. All Over Sydney

12 Taonga from the AoNZPSA (nzepc, 2004):


Bio / Bibliography:

Born Ipswich, England, October 1945. Read English Literature at King’s College, Cambridge (BA 1964-7; MA 1969). Won Commonwealth Scholarship to Auckland, New Zealand, and studied for Ph.D. under Professor C.K Stead; Ph.D. awarded March 1971. Appointed Lecturer in English at the University of Canterbury, January 1972 until now, promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1975; and to Senior Lecturer above the Bar in 1990. Specialises at Canterbury in Twentieth-Century British and American poetry; Contemporary Australian and New Zealand poetry; and Renaissance Literature. Also convenes the University’s Creative Writing course, and is a widely published poet, with considerable experience as a poetry editor.

Academic Books:

Creative Writing/Creative Reading, Christchurch College Press, 1977, 35p.
The Course of English Surrealist Poetry since the 1930s, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 1989, 325p.
Poets and Publishers: a Study of Cultural Centres and Margins in British Poetry since 1950, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 1995, 336p.
Broken English/Breaking English: a Study of Contemporary Poetries in English, New York: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2003, about 280p.

Books of Poetry:

Arthur the King [poems], Christchurch: Underoak Press, 1975: 21 p.
Hemispheres: Poems 1965-73, Christchurch: Caxton Press, 1976: 54p.
Lee; a Science Fiction Poem, Christchurch: Underoak Press, 1976: 22p.
Hiroshima Poems of Sankichi Toge [translated with Dennis Logan and Tsutomu Shioda], Tokyo: Sanyu-sha, 1977: 183p.
The Suffolk Miracle [poems], Christchurch: Underoak Press, 1978: 12 posters.
‘Fate of Franklin’ [poems] in 15 Contemporary New Zealand Poets, ed. Alistair Paterson, Dunedin: Pilgrims South Press, 1980: 63-76.
Shaman and Charlatan: Poems since 1973, Auckland: Cicada Press, 1981: 42p.
Solo Lovers: Three Sequences of poems, Sydney: South Head Press, 1982: 36p.
Triptych: Poems since 1981, Christchurch: Hazard Press, 1988/9: 63p.
Palimpsest: an Historical Sequence [poems], Christchurch: Caxton Press; and Ontario, Quarry Press, 1988/9: 54p.
Distances: Poems 1985-90, Christchurch: Hazard Press, 1992, 78p.
Buried Ships: Poems New and Unpublished, Christchurch: Hazard Press, 1996: 152p.
Late Love Songs, Christchurch: Hazard Press, 2001: 87p.
Apes Road: Poems since 1996, Christchurch: Hazard Press, 2003: about 80p.


Guest editor of both Landfall [no. 122; 1977] and Poetry Australia [no. 110; 1987]. Editor of Hazard Australasian Poets series (more than 30 volumes); and General Editor of Hazard Art Series.

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