Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kendrick, Scott

Scott Kendrick (b. 1969)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Mirror Games
2. Requiem for a Rodent
3. Always and Forever
4. And Man Begat Cocaine
5. Hey
6. Dogs
7. Bloodwater Blues
8. City Cycle
9. Chance
10. Cold Concrete, Cold Comfort
11. The Lambton Shuffle
12. Poetry by Numbers
13. Uptite
14. Summertime Framing
15. RSJ
16. True Love
17. Leave Your Loathing at the Door
18. Fearytale
19. LA Freeway

Bio / Bibliography:

Scott Kendrick was born in Wellington in 1969 and raised in Picton and Otaki until leaving for overseas. Two years in London was followed by two years living in Israel where he developed a political consciousness, a nicotine/caffeine addiction, and a commitment to writing – the three staples of his life since.

Returning in 1993, a temporary job building in Wellington dragged into a ten year stint. Currently he divides his time between building and attending Victoria University, where he is majoring in politics and media studies.

Kendrick began writing poetry after becoming involved with JAAM magazine in 1995, (through which he met his wife Anne-Marie). His poetry uses loose rhyme and tight rhythm as a vehicle to focus on urban and political themes and the everyday areas at which they meet. In 2001 his book Rhyme Before Reason was published by HeadworX.

As well as writing and performing poetry, Kendrick also writes for and edits satirical newspaper, The Babylon Express.

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