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Morrissey, Michael


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Photographs of Old Poets
2. Make Love in All the Rooms
3. Memories of Home Coming
4. Our Desirable Crime
5. Short Letter to a Friend
6. Pegasus Bay, a Slice of Bread
7. Requiem for a Legend
8. brief mistakes at sea
9. poem for herman gladwin never brief
10. In your brief life phil
11. Movie Madonnas
12. My Other Drunken Life
13. Taking in the View
14. Venice
15. Watch Towers, Hudson Street
16. Why Colin McCahon Kept Painting
17. all our dead heroes
18. an honest poem about sex
19. Art is the Acceptable Salvage
20. Help Me Write the Spell
21. And in the End

Bio / Bibliography:

Michael Morrissey lives and writes in Auckland where he teaches short story writing through Community Education centres. He was the first writer-in-residence at the University of Canterbury in 1979 and the first New Zealander to participate at the International Writing Programme at the University of Iowa in 1985. Author of over 80 short stories, he has published nine books of poetry and edited two prose anthologies: The New Fiction (1985), the first postmodern anthology of New Zealand short fiction and The Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories (2000), just reprinted in an extended edition (2004).

He has also published Paradise to Come (1997), consisting of two novellas and Heart of the Volcano (2000), a short novel. Currently, he writes two book review columns for Investigate and AA Directions.


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• (co-ed.) The Globe Tapes (1985), 42 NZ poets read their work. Hard Echo Press.

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