Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reeves, Trevor

Trevor Reeves (b. 1940)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Cone Head
2. Snag
3. Ships
4. Dust Flies
5. Wind Personifications
1 [1-10]
2 [1-9]
3 [1-10]
4 [1-8]
6. The Artist Sees
7. The Last American State Execution

New Zealand Poets Read Their Work (1974):

LP 3, side 1

Dust Flies

Waiata Archive (1974):

CD 14

After a Time
Our White Cat
Cromwell Flats
Lament for suburban Neuroses
Uncle’s Whistle
They’re Keeping Tabs
White as Snow
Dust Flies

Bio / Bibliography:

Editor and Publisher of Southern Ocean Review (international literary and arts online and print magazine, founded 1996) and poet - writer of short stories that have appeared in print and electronic magazines and anthologies, widely, both here and overseas since 1968. Also some journalism, periodicals, papers, magazines, plus reviews, interviews etc. Newspaper editor, Alexandra, 1981. His recent collection of poems, A Poetry Book to Cuddle up in Bed With contains eight of his 'Bedrocks' sequences. Recent acceptances have included 'Paper Tiger' - CD magazine, and Poetry Aotearoa, (both Australia). Included in “Double Jointed” a collaboration by 10 poets with Jenny Powell Chambers, Inkweed Press. Has appeared in many anthologies since 1970’s including, 2004, “Greatest Hits” Anthology of Writing, 1984 – 2004, ed. Pirie/O’Leary. Also “Real Fire” poets of the 70’s, ed. Bernard Gadd. As a graphic designer he has designed scores of book covers and book designs. Member of NZ Literary Fund, 1974-1976. Ran an advertising and marketing company from 1975 until lately. Freelance editor and copywriter since 1971. A publisher and book importer since 1971, with Caveman Press and latterly, Square One Press. Enjoys live readings when given the chance. Married to artist and author, Judith Wolfe.


Poetry – Hibiscuits (Streetword Press, UK) 1971.
Poetry – Stones (Caveman Press) 1972.
Poetry – Apple Salt (Caveman Press) 1975
Poetry – A Poetry book to Cuddle Up in Bed With (Square One Press) 2003
Stories – Breaker Breaker and other stories (Square One Press) 2001


Unemployment in the 80’s – interviews (for Rotary). 1984.
An Abuse of Power – Story of the Clyde Dam, with cartoons by Judith Wolfe,
Square One Press, 1990
In the Grip of Evil – the Bain murders, with Judith Wolfe, illustrations. 2003, Square One Press.

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