Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Robertson, Matthew

[Photograph: Alan Dove]

Robert Matthew Robertson


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Punctuation
2. I Left My Boots at the Door
3. Outside Chelsea Hotel
4. Newspaper Rapping
5. Wake Up
6. (Night-Time) Private Life
7. Fly Wars
8. Deep Heat
9. Washing Day
10. Snowflake
11. Computer Toy
12. Spiritual Supermarket
13. Video Games Parlour

Bio / Bibliography:


Original material: Poetry with: Music, Movement, Masks, Sets, Props, Costumes, Video and Film, or various combinations thereof. Often frequent appearances at same venues.

New York: St Marks Poetry Project, ABC No Rio, Basement, Chameleon, Terra Blues Lounge, Bardo, Lismar Lounge, Omega Centre, Manhattan Channel 'C' Poetry Live Series, Left Bank, Back Fence, Bad Bar, Centrefold, The Studio, Pyramid Club, Bitter End, New Nuyrekan, CBGB's, Central Park.
Woodstock: Tinker Street Cafe.
Philadelphia: 'Poets and Prophets' - Bacchanal and Video box, Painted Bride, J.C. Dobbs,
Santa Fe: Repertory, Burnt Horses Book Store, Bull Ring, El Dorado and Babes with Paul Naumann, Centre for Contemporary Art, Coyote Corral, El Farol, Comme Chez Vous, Community College, St Johns College, P.B.S.T.V., Tapas.,
Taos: Mable Dodge House: Poetry Circus, End of the Universe Cafe..
Los Angeles: Beyond Baroque, Poecentric lounge, Breakaway, Central, Midnight Special Book Store, Spondo, Al's Bar, Natural Fudge Factory, Lizard's, Gorky's, Creativity Centre, California Coffee House.
New Orleans: Artist's Bar, Tropical Brazil.
San Francisco: National Poetry Week II, Above Paradise, Kommotion Cafe, Brannam Palace, Cafe Babar, New College.
Fayetteville: The Coffee Club, Booksamillion Store, Poets and Writers Group.


Amsterdam: Melkweg, Paradiso, Bulldog.
Hamburg: Im Eimer, Fool's Garden, Tuc Tuc, University, Aunland, Charlie Chaplin, Tropical Brazil.
Berlin: Kulture Cafe.
Paris: Memphis Slim's Club, (With Ray Charles Band) George Pompidou Centre.
London: Hyde Park, Troubadour Poets, Covent Garden.

1973 - 2003: NEW ZEALAND

Christchurch, 1980-2001: Books and Beyond Fest. Jolly Poacher.
MC Poetry Slam at The Jam Nightclub
The Arts Centre - Craft Market, Dux De Lux, Le Cafe, Free Theatre, Academy Cinema,
Wunderbar, Harbour Light, Kasbah, Blues Bar, Canterbury Poets Collective, Ozone.
'Dinosaurs and Doves' : Poetry/Dance/Music. Co-writer/Actor/Mask-maker/ Vocalist/Musical Director; Arts Centre. Quasar band
1989: 'Out of this World' Multi-media Production with Southern Ballet Dancers. Writer/Actor/Mask-maker/ Vocalist; Arts Centre, Stellar Haze Band, High Fashion: 16mm Film Actor, Vocalist, Lyricist. Distributor: Chip Taylor Communications, USA.
One Man Show at Free Theatre: Poetry with music: Writer/Set-prop/designer-maker Palladium Nightclub.
Various bars, cafes and other inner city venues.
Chancery Hotel with members of 'Talking Heads'.
One Night Only Cabaret, Free Theatre.
Dunedin, 1973-2002: Fringe Fest, Robbie Burns Hotel, Carey's Bay Hotel, ARC Cafe, City Hotel, The Woolshed, Fuel Cafe, Temple Gallery, Octagon, Larnach's Castle, Gardens Kiosk and Band Rotunda,
Invercargill: Tillermans
TVNZ, Radio With Pictures: Masked Mime with Music, 'Under My Skin'.
Auckland: Living Arts Workshop, Outreach, Island of Real, Kiwi Cafe, Gluepot, Globe, Leopard Tavern
1980s: University Orientation Programmes: Otago, Canterbury, Victoria, Auckland Campuses.
Spontaneous improvisations with numerous bands throughout New Zealand
New Zealand Festivals.
2000-2:Dunedin Fringe Festivals,
1999: Sweetwaters Festival.
1990: Onekaka festival. 1986-87 Towards 2000 Festivals.
Sweetwaters Festival, CHCH Peace Festival, WLTN Off the Wall Festival..
1983-86: Whitecliffs Festivals. 1982-83 Broom Valley Festivals.
1980-83: West Coast Festivals. 1978-79 Nambassa Festivals.
1970's: University Arts Festivals - Otago, Canterbury, Victoria, Massey, Auckland.


Anonymous said...

Hi..is this the same Matthew Robinson who use to live in Laingholm during the early 1970s and was in volved with the Nambassa winter show in 1978?
Or a case of mistaken identity?

kindest regards
Peter Terry


Dr Jack Ross said...

Dear Peter,

There I can't really help you, I'm afraid. I've posted all the information I have. He certainly doesn't mention it in his list of gigs, but it sounds likely enough.

Perhaps the man himself can provide elucidation?

best, jack

Dr Jack Ross said...

Matthew Robertson writes:

"Hi Jack

I came across the Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive and see the note posted by Peter Terry. Yes I did live in Laingholm. Rather remiss of me not to specify that I did take part in the Nambassa winter show. I also took part in the two festivals I mentioned in the Bio you posted, as a performer of poetry and in a dance sequence on the Aerial Railway Stage. As part of a group my name may not be specified.

I was very interested to go to the Wikipedia Nambassa, Winter Show Tour aspect of the site and see photographs of my masks and various references. Do you have a contact for Peter Terry, or can you forward this note. I would love to catch up with him again.

I tried to sign up as a blogger and post a comment not sure that I completed the process correctly as I have not seen my blog posted. Time I learned how to that.

Thanks for everything

Matthew Robertson"

If you'd like to get in touch with him directly, I'd be very happy to forward an email, but of course I can't actually post addresses directly on this site without permission. -- JR.

Anonymous said...

Kia Ora Matthew..its been a while since those wonderful heady days mid seventies down Langholm beach. You can get me by emailing info@nambassa.com

Peter Terry