Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tuwhare, Hone

[Photograph: Meg Davidson]

Hone Tuwhare (1922-2008)


Classic New Zealand Poets in Performance (2006):

No ordinary sun

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Sun o (2)
2. Roads
3. Rain
4. Papa-tu-a-nuku
5. No ordinary sun
6. Miles Davis
7. Da, da, dumm…
8. cummings
9. Child coming home in the rain from the store
10. Time out
11. That morning early
12. Sandra
13. Kākā Point

Bio /Bibliography:

Hone Tuwhare was born at Kokewai, near Kaikohe, in 1922, of Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Korokoro, Tautahi, Uri O Hau and Te Popoto descent. When he was four, he moved with his parents to Auckland, where he attended primary school - financial constraints meant that he was unable to go any further in the education system. After leaving school, he took a boilermaking apprenticeship with New Zealand Railways; after receiving his trade certificate, he served with the Japan Section of the 2nd N.Z.E.F. in 1946-7, worked on North Island hydroelectric schemes, and became a union organizer. He began writing seriously in 1956, and had his first poems published soon after; one appeared in Landfall in 1958. Tuwhare’s first collection of poetry, No Ordinary Sun, was published in 1964; it has subsequently gone through four editions, and is still in print. After receiving a Burns Fellowship in 1969, Tuwhare moved to Dunedin, becoming involved with the local arts and writing communities. In 1973, he was instrumental in organizing the first Maori Artists and Writers Conference, and later that year he visited the People’s Republic of China, meeting Rewi Alley. In 1974, after a period spent working in the Pacific, he received a second Burns Fellowship, and, the following year, participated in the New Zealand Land March. The latter experience led to the writing of his first play, "In the Wilderness Without a Hat". He was a member of the Four New Zealand Poets tours of 1975 and 1979, and continued to perform in front of South Island audiences throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1998, he was awarded an honorary D.Phil. by the University of Otago. He was named poet laureate in 1999, and, in 2002, his collection Piggy-Back Moon was shortlisted for the New Zealand Book Awards. In 2003, he received the Prime Minister’s Award for Literary Achievement (poetry). He died in January 2008.


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gillian said...

Hi, I'm currently searching for an audio recording of the poem 'Papa-tu-a-nuku' by Hone Tuwhare. I saw you mentioned this being on 'CD 37' and was wondering if you knew the name of the CD or where it may be located (e.g., at a library or special collection).

Dr Jack Ross said...

You can find CD 37 of the Aotearoa NZ poetry sound archive in either Auckland University Library's Special collections, or else in the National Library in Wellington. I'm afraid that those are the only two public locations for the full collection.

kim hegan said...


Can I purchase CD 37 of The Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive and if so how?


Dr Jack Ross said...

I'm afraid not.

You can, however, purchase Classic NZ Poets in Performance from Auckland University Press. It does have some recordings of Tuwhare reading his poetry in it.