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Wendt, Albert

[Photograph: Jan Kemp (c. 1990)]

Albert Wendt (b. 1939)


Classic New Zealand Poets in Performance (2006):

The Mountains of Ta’ū
On Our Way
Over Ponsonby
Bound For Whangamata

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. In Your Enigma
2. The Mountains of Ta’ū
3. On Our Way
4. Easter Sunday
5. The Black Star Loves
6. Over Ponsonby
7. Scavengers
8. Bus
9. Who Will Inherit
10. Site
11. Bound For Whangamata
12. Red
13. Sometimes
14. Orchid
15. Your Shadow
16. Birth
17. Stretch
18. Pese A Lalaga
19. Creatures
20. For Kauraka
21. Dictionary
22. Le Fetu Uliuli
23. Cannibals
24. Darkness
25. Slipstream
26. Black Water
27. Te One-Roa-A-Tohe

New Zealand Poets Read Their Work (1974):

LP 1, side 1

Town and Village
Conch Shell

LP 3, side 2

Flying Fox

Waiata Archive (1974):

CD 19

Exam Time, NZ
Bulldozers in the Suburbs
Town and Village
Me, Adam
For Sina
Lava Field & Road, Savii
Flying Fox
Hop, Bird
He Never Once Lost His Way
Conch Shell
My Uncle …

Bio /Bibliography:

Albert Wendt is an Auckland-based poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright, critic, anthologist and academic. Born in Apia in 1939, he was educated at New Plymouth Boys’ High School, Ardmore Teachers’ College and Victoria University, Wellington, where he took an M.A. He returned to Samoa in 1965, working as a secondary school teacher and principal; in 1974, he was appointed lecturer at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji, where he eventually rose to be pro-vice chancellor. Since 1988, he has been a professor in the Department of English at the University of Auckland. Wendt’s first collection of poems, Inside Us the Dead: Poems 1961-74, appeared in 1976. Since then, he has had three further volumes published: Shaman of Visions (1984), Photographs (1995) and The Book of the Black Star (2002). In 2003, he edited, with Reina Whaitiri and Robert Sullivan, the anthology Whetu Moana: Contemporary Polynesian Poetry in English.


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Pouliuli, Auckland: Longman Paul, 1977
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Black Rainbow, Auckland: Penguin, 1992
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Whetu Moana: Contemporary Polynesian Poetry in English, (With Reina Whaitiri and Robert Sullivan) Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2003

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