Saturday, December 1, 2007

Barford, Serie

Serie (Cherie) Barford (b. 1960)


New New Zealand Poets in Performance (2008):

Plea to the Spanish Lady
God is near the Equator

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Plea to the Spanish Lady
2. how coffee got to brazil
3. God is near the equator
4. Leonard Cohen’s mother
5. an admirable bonsai
6. bonsai my heart
7. there are moments
8. migration
9. a tribute to Elizabeth Bligh: a sequence of poems [6]
10. that day in Jena
11. heard it on the grapevine

Bio / Bibliography:

This year (2003) I've participated in the Lopdell House collaboration and exhibition/performance between artists and poets and had a couple of poems published in Whetu Moana – Contemporary Polynesian Poems in English, edited by Albert Wendt, Reina Whaitiri and Robert Sullivan. AUP 2003.


Two collections of my own poetry:

Plea to the Spanish Lady, Hard Echo Press 1985
Glass Canisters, Hard Echo Press 1989

Other publications:

The Globe Tapes, Hard Echo Press 1985 - This consists of 2 cassettes (live recordings) and two volumes of original poetry from the Globe Hotel poetry evenings
Ariel - A Review of International English Literature, University of Calgary Press Volume 17 Number 4 Canada 1986
Rambling Jack, 5 Miracle Mart Receiving 1987
Pacific Voices - An Anthology of Maori and Pacific Writing, Macmillan 1989
Takahe, Issues 4 and 11 Takahe Publishing Collective 1990-92
Landfall, Numbers 164 182 183 Caxton Press 1987-92
The Tenth Year of the Titirangi Poets, Hard Echo Press 1987
Yellow Pencils - Contemporary Poetry by NZ Women, Oxford University Press 1988
New Women's Fiction, Volumes 1, 3 and 4 New Women's Press 1988-91
Other Voices 2, Brick Row 1991
Hecate, Vol. XX no.ii Hecate Press University of Queensland 1994
Printout, Issues 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12 Printout 1992 to 1997
100 NZ short short stories, Tandem Press 1997
another 100 NZ short short stories, Tandem Press 1998
the third century NZ short short stories, Tandem Press 1999
100 New Zealand short short stories, 4 Tandem Press 2000
kiwi: icon in trouble, a collaborative installation with Jan Robertson April 2000 displayed in a space in a wall in High Street, Auckland. Engraved haiku (mine) and sandblasted glass (Jan's work)
Jewels in the Water, ed. by Terry Locke University of Waikato 2000
Doors, edited by Terry Locke University of Waikato 2000
New Zealand short short stories: the collection, Hinemoa Publishing 2000
Rattapallax Magazine: United Nations Year of Dialogue among Nations, USA 2001

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Anonymous said...

Hello Cherie or Serie,

nice to see you here and your poetry is great.
Greetings from abroad
Ute Havemann (Germany)