Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bornholdt, Jenny

Jenny Bornholdt (b. 1960)


New New Zealand Poets in Performance (2008):

Rodnie and her bicycles
Bus stop
Then Murray came
Please, pay attention

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Scrub cut [1-2]
2. Poem
3. Rodnie and her bicycles
4. Weighing up the heart
5. In love
6. The loved one
7. Bus stop [1-2]
8. Wedding song
9. Red lorry yellow lorry
10. The journey
11. Annunciation (after Simone Martini)
12. Romance
13. Tornado
14. Weather
15. Then Murray came
16. Please, pay attention (after Carlos Drummond de Andrade)

Bio / Bibliography:

Jenny Bornholdt was born in Lower Hutt in 1960, and educated at Victoria University and Wellington Polytechnic. An interest in writing led her to take Bill Manhire’s creative writing course at Victoria University in 1984, after which her work started to appear regularly in literary journals. In 1988, her first collection of poetry, This Big Face, came out with Victoria University Press. Since then, there have been five further collections (all with Victoria University Press), several pamphlets, and a selected works: 1997’s Miss New Zealand. She has also been an anthologist, co-editing (with Gregory O’Brien) a collection of New Zealand love poems, My Heart Goes Swimming (Godwit, 1996) and the 1997 Oxford Anthology of New Zealand Writing in English, with O’Brien and Mark Williams. In 2002, she was awarded the Katherine Mansfield Fellowship to Menton. Bornholdt lives in Wellington, where she has worked as a journalist and copywriter.


This Big Face, Wellington: Victoria University Press, 1988
Moving House, Wellington: Victoria University Press, 1989
Waiting Shelter, Wellington: Victoria University Press, 1991
How We Met, Wellington: Victoria University Press, 1995
Miss New Zealand: Selected Poems, Wellington: Victoria University Press, 1997
Caravan (with Gregory O’Brien; illustrated by Noel McKenna), Wellington: Animated Figure, 1998
These Days, Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2000
The Way: A Poem, Wellington: Fernbank Studio, 2000
Ode to the Little Hotel, Wellington: Fernbank Studio, 2002
Summer, Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2003


My Heart Goes Swimming: New Zealand Love Poems (with Gregory O’Brien), Auckland: Godwit, 1996
An Anthology of New Zealand Poetry in English (with Gregory O’Brien and Mark Williams), Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1997

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