Monday, November 19, 2007

McNeil, Judith

[Photograph: Jan Kemp (2002)]

Judith McNeil (b. 1950)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


My Poetry Has No Logic:

1. A Twentieth Century Retrospective
2. 2002

Bio / Bibliography:

I was born in Auckland in 1950 and educated at Convent Schools, North Shore Teacher’s College and Auckland University until I did the Women Writer’s paper and decided to spend my spare time writing. I have worked as a counsellor, a mother, a teacher, a musician and a bus-driver. These days I co-ordinate Poetry Live, a weekly Poetry event, publish Tongue in Your Ear, a yearly anthology of Poets who read live, write songs and novels as yet unpublished, not to mention a short-story or two. I live alone in a falling down house in Grey Lynn with my elderly Burmese cat until some friend or family member comes to stay which these days is quite often. I have not actively sought publication, except for my first two novels as I believe reading aloud is a kind of publication, but I think it is time I began my recording career. I am an avid reader of fiction and poetry written by women.


During the 80's I had Poems published in Craccum and the English Women Student’s Collective Journals (1983/4).

I self published Hey Lovers and Friends it’s Christmas in 1983. Copies can still be found in Jason’s Books.

I am on the Globe Tapes. Hard Echo Press. 1985.

In the nineties poems of mine could be found in Auckland Live and of course Tongue in Your Ear publications out of Poetry Live possibly found in libraries.

I self-published Tribute to one in the Chair in 1992.

Short Prose:

‘No...not Marilyn Monroe.’ New Women’s Fiction. ed Aorewa McLeod. New Women’s Press.1988
‘Inner City’ short-listed for Bank of New Zealand Katherine Mansfield short-story award. 1993


Alan Beck said...

Youve come a long way from the 'Lillian Hellman' days, Judith. Me, Im stuck on non linear prose impressions. Olivetti will go out the window.

Alan Beck said...

Im hoping 'Inner City' is in library collections, Judith. Was impressed with 'No, not MM' in '88.

Unknown said...

For Judith of equinoxial khama fame: Do you remember The Keys (Miranda), do you still have The Keys? Florida Keys, Alesha Keys, Francis Parkinson Keys, silly old Al Beck (Qui?) house keys? Wagon keys, Afrikaans laager keys, Keys to the Kingdom, keys of Heavenly Harmonies.

Unknown said...

For Judith of equinoxial khama fame. Do you remember The Keys? : Aleisha Keys, Francis Parkinson Keys, Lucy Jordan Keys, Holden Keys, al bec Qui? Keys, Gregory House nigra Coffee Keys, Keys to The Kingdom, Keys of Heavenly Harmonies..