Monday, November 26, 2007

Gadd, Bernard

[Photograph: Jan Kemp (2002)]

Bernard Gadd (1935-2007)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Graduation, 2001
2. Sir George Grey debates stones
3. Dear British Queen
4. Slaves
5. Samoa, 1900
6. Hokitika, 1868
7. Official Report on the Troy Incursion
8. Ye Lord Protector’s testament
9. The atlas of deprivation, 2001
10. The way of our wars, Omarunui, 1866
11. Remuera hakari, 1844
12. Lindisfarne elegy, 793
13. Catullus aging

Bio / Bibliography:

Born 1935, Hamilton, NZ. High school English teacher then ESOL tutor, now retired. Married, two grown-up children, two grand daughters. Published in most NZ literary magazines and some overseas. Also a small press publisher and anthologist. Co-editor of Kokako, an annual magazine of short poems. Died in Auckland on December 11, 2007.

Edited (poetry or including poetry):

Pacific Voices, anthology, Stockton House, 1977
Other Voices, new writers and writing in NZ, anthology of prose and verse, Brick Row/Hallard 1989
Other Voices 2, anthology of prose and verse, Brick Row/Hallard press, 1991
Catching the light, poems from eight writers, Brick Row/ Hallard press, 1992
Real Fire, 60s and 70s poetry, Square One Press, 2002


Melissa, Hillary Press, 1980
Childsong & Other Verses, Hallard, 1981
Two poems, Hallard 1981
More than writing on the wall, poems for high school students, Kahurangi, 1983
Light, poetry with prints by Ruth Davey, Hallard Press, 1985
Oracle Bones, selected poems, Hazard Press, 1992
Pity Mr Hash, satirical political verses with art by Anna Tarm, Hallard Press, 1995
Catullus at the iron gate, Hallard 1995
Too Right Mate, satirical political verse with John O'Connor, Hallard Press, 1996
Stepping Off from Northland, selected poems, Sudden Valley Press, 1997
shadow-patches, haibun with Janice Bostok and Catherine Mair, Hallard Press, 1998,
1 imagines serifim (mini verses), Hallard Press, 1999
Signs of the new right (mini verses), Hallard, 2000
Prognostications of the apricot, The Poets Group, 2000
Our Bay of Ensigns & other ‘race’ relations, historical verse, HeadworX, 2001
Debating Stones, new poems, Sudden Valley Press, 2002

Poems included in (a selected list):

Poets for Africa, World harvest (USA)
Watch her colours fly, poems about peace and freedom, ed Johanna Mary in association with the Women's International League peace and friendship, Trapeze press, 1991
White Feathers, poetry and peace, eds Locke, Low, Winslade, Hazard Press, 1991
Wrapper, an anthology of prose and verse, ed Michael O'Leary, Earl of Seacliffe Art Workshop Ltd, 1992
New Zealand Haiku Anthology, ed Cyril Childs, NZ Poetry Society, 1993 - 3
Below the Surface, words and images in protest at French testing at Mururoa, ed A Hall, Vintage (Random House) 1995
The Second New Zealand Haiku Anthology, edited Cyril Childs, 1998, The New Zealand Poetry Society
Haiku sans frontieres, une anthologie mondiale, ed Andre Duhaime, Les Editions David, 1998
Rainbows, poems for years 9-10 (forms 3-4) students in the Pacific, selected by Cliff Benson, University of the South Pacific, 1998
100 New Zealand poems for children, ed Jo Noble, Random House, 1999
Doors (poetry anthology for senior for secondary schools)
Jewels in the water (poetry anthology for junior high school students), both edited by Terry Locke, 2000

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