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Hutchison, Jan

Jan Hutchison


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. James Copland and his horse Pegasus in the Tuapeka
2. Languages
3. The Long Sleep is Over
4. Here, This Name
5. My Mother and Father
6. Rain in August
7. The Weather in Hiroshima
8. The Needle
9. Waving from the Train
10. A Lesson on the Beach
11. I Paint Aunt Alice at her Table
12. Cul-de-Sac with Chestnut Trees & Asian Woman
13. Evening
14. The Window at Night
15. Waiting at the River

Bio / Bibliography:

Jan Hutchison lives in Christchurch and worked for many years as a librarian in Wellington and Dunedin. She reads poems at the Canterbury Poets’ Collective and has read during the Christchurch Festival of Books. Her first collection of poems is The Long Sleep is Over, published by Steele Roberts in 1999. Another collection, Days among Trees, is forthcoming in 2004. Her poems appear in a variety of publications in New Zealand, Canada and the U.K. She has facilitated creative writing with groups of school children and with adults in Christchurch.

Jan Hutchison is represented in a number of anthologies published by various groups including the New Zealand Poetry Society. Recently anthologies where her poems have been published are:– Another 100 New Zealand Poems for Children, edited by Rachel McAlpine, Random House, 2001; Big Sky, edited by Bernadette Hall & James Norcliffe, Shoal Bay Press, 2002; Coastlines, edited by Judith Holloway, Dunmore Press, 2001; My Garden, My Paradise, edited by Christina Stachurski, Hazard Press, 2003; New Zealand Love Poems, edited by Lauris Edmond, Oxford University Press, 2000; Passport Stamps, edited by James Norcliffe & David Howard, Firebrand, 2001.

The following poems listed in the bibliodata will appear in a revised form in her collection Days among Trees. They are – James Copland and his horse Pegasus in the Tuapeka; The Needle; The Window at Night.


The Long Sleep is Over, Wellington: Steele Roberts, 1999.
Coastlines, Palmerston North: Dunmore Press, 2001.
Big Sky, Christchurch: Shoal Bay Press, 2002.

Other poems have been published in: the Listener, JAAM, Poetry NZ, Takahe, Glottis, New Zealand Books, and the Press.

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