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Ireland, Kevin

Kevin Ireland (b. 1933)


Classic New Zealand Poets in Performance (2006):

A Hard Country
A Whiff of the Old Adam
Villanelle for a Smile

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Cloud
2. A Whiff of the Old Adam
3. Truth at Dawn
4. Questions that Must be Answered
5. An Unforgettable Day
6. The Problem with Poetry
7. On the Deaths of Neighbours and Friends
8. Stormy Weather
9. A Poem for Santa Claus
10. An Ode to Mighty Sid
11. Villanelle for a Smile
12. Hills, Pines, Clouds

New Zealand Poets Read Their Work (1974):

LP 2, side 1

Thorn and Wind
Threnody (for Bob Lowry)

LP 3, side 1

Antic Hay
A Hard Country

Waiata Archive (1974):

CD 1

Sea-Dog Takapuna
Boys at Oriental Bay
The Poor Go Fishing
Antic Hay
Thorn & Wind
Orchids & Hummingbirds
A New Technique
A Guide to Perfection
Auteur de Fait
Inspecting the Garden

Bio /Bibliography:

Kevin Ireland was born in Mt Albert, Auckland, and now lives just across the harbour in Devonport. Among his many prose publications are three novels (Blowing My Top, The Man Who Never Lived and The Craymore Affair), a collection of short stories (Sleeping with the Angles), an opera libretto (The Snow Queen), and a book on the New Zealand novel (The New Zealand Collection).

His first memoir, Under the Bridge & Over the Moon, appeared in 1998 and won the Montana prize for History and Biography. He has also received a National Book Award for Poetry, a Scholarship in Letters, the 1990 Commemoration Medal, and an OBE for “services to literature”. In 2000 he was made a Doctor of Literature by Massey University. He is a former National President of PEN, and is a member, and former Vice-president, of the Sargeson Trust.

He has been awarded fellowships by Canterbury University, the Sargeson Trust and Auckland University. In 2001 he published the second volume of his memoirs, Backwards to Forwards, and his 14th book of poems, Fourteen Reasons for Writing. The previous 13 titles are: Face to Face, Educating the Body, A Letter from Amsterdam, Orchids Hummingbirds and Other Poems, A Grammar of Dreams, Literary Cartoons, The Dangers of Art, Practice Night in the Drill Hall, The Year of the Comet, Selected Poems, Tiberius at the Beehive, Skinning a Fish, Anzac Day: Selected Poems.

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