Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jones, Tim

Tim Jones (b. 1959)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Gore Housewives' Choice
2. Fallen
3. If Looks Could Kill
4. At the Gate
5. Elfland
6. Let Loose the Red Rooster
7. Angela Carter
8. Frida Kahlo

Bio / Bibliography:

Tim Jones lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He divides his time between writing, being a husband and father, and website work. His short fiction and poetry has appeared in magazines and anthologies in New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada and Vietnam. His most recent books are poetry collection All Blacks' Kitchen Gardens and fantasy novel Anarya's Secret. For latest news, visit


Boat People (Wellington: HeadworX, 2002), ISBN 0473-08745-6. Poetry collection.
Extreme Weather Events (Wellington: HeadworX, 2001), ISBN 0473-07387-0. Short fiction collection.
All Blacks' Kitchen Gardens (Wellington: HeadworX, 2007), ISBN 978-0-473- 12490-8. Poetry collection.
Anarya's Secret: An Earthdawn Novel (Auckland: Redbrick, 2007), ISBN 978-1-877451-23-2. Fantasy novel.

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