Thursday, November 22, 2007

Johnson, Mike

[Photograph: Reg Graham]

Mike Johnson (b. 1947)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Words to Poems recorded at the Scapa studios
2. from Treasure Hunt (1996)
3. from Standing Wave (1985)
4. Coming off the Dope: 8
5. Snapshots
6. from Vertical Harp: singing the blues on Mt Hua
7. Occult strings [1-2]
8. Song of an ancient arrowhead [1-3]
9. Long songs short songs
10. frontier hangover [1-2]

Bio / Bibliography:

Mike Johnson is a novelist, poet and creative writing teacher, born in Christchurch in 1947. He has written six works of fiction and four books of poetry. His 1996 novel Dumb Show won the Buckland Memorial Award for fiction. He was the 1987 Literary Fellow at Canterbury University and the 2002 Literary Fellow at Auckland University. His short film script, Hatto, is at present in production. His novel Stench was published in 2004. He has lived in Waiheke Island with his family since 1982.

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