Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lindsay, Graham

Graham Lindsay (b. 1952)


Contemporary New Zealand Poets in Performance (2007):

Cloud silence
Life in the Queen’s English

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. A postcard for Mary
2. Exit
3. Playground
4. View from a train window
5. Seeing as how
6. Context of words
7. Cloud silence
8. Subject
9. Life in the Queen's English
10. The thing is
11. Residence in silence
12. Wellspring
13. Lullaby
14. Chink

Bio /Bibliography:

Born in Wellington, 1952. Bachelor of Arts, University of Canterbury, 1976. Diploma of Teaching, Christchurch College of Education, 1989. Has worked in a variety of short term or part time jobs including driving, library work, and teaching. Has two sons. Lives in Christchurch.

Published in: Islands, Spleen, Pilgrims, Climate, Parallax, Landfall, Splash, Untold, Listener, Metro, Takahe, Span (Wollongong), Poetry NZ, Sport, Printout, New Zealand Books, Quote Unquote, A Brief Description of the Whole World, JAAM, The Press, North & South.

Featured in: Origin (Boston, 1981).

Anthologised in: The New Poets (1987), The Penguin Book of New Zealand Poetry (1989), 100 New Zealand Poems (1993), From the Mainland (1995), An Anthology of New Zealand Poetry in English (1996).

Poem included in Barbara Ewing’s Kiwi Theatre Season by Southwark Playhouse.

Interviewed by Jack Ross for Complete with Instructions (2001).

Readings at: Wellington Writers’ Conference (1979), Seeing Voices (2002).


Morepork, #13 (Ridge-Pole, 197980).


Thousand-Eyed Eel, Taylors Mistake: Hawk Press, 1976
Public, Dunedin: Ridge-Pole, 1980
Big Boy, Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1986
Return to Earth, Christchurch: Hazard Press, 1991
The Subject, Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1994
Legend of the Cool Secret, Christchurch: Sudden Valley Press, 1999
Lazy Wind Poems, Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2003

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