Tuesday, November 20, 2007

List, Dennis

Dennis List


Waiata Archive (1974):

CD 7

Take Two Words after Each Meal
Scientists have Discovered
When I tried to Sit
Up One Day in the Cable-car
I’m Breathless …
Ineffable Yearning Seizes Me
Bumped into Myself
Today I met Miss Apprehension
I Show Me the Look
Elizabeth, David, and Eliza Bell
I’ve only one thing
Treatment of Crabs
The Gardeners have ruined this city
Pears Encyclopedia
Losing Once Again
Monia Monia Monia
No, it’s me the
You Ask Me / Did I Sleep with Her
You Make Me Cry when I Feel you
Someone’s Lost Innocence Lies
Three Men are Hoeing
In One Xmas Pudding
The Great Wellington Gas Blowback

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