Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pule, John

[Photograph: Jan Kemp (2004)]

John Pule (b. 1962)


New New Zealand Poets in Performance (2008):

from Restless People:
Ka hola

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


Restless People:
1. Ka hola
2. E moui
3. He
4. Tino
5. Ko
6. Tautolu
7. Ka
8. Lologo
9. Ke
10. Maeke
11. Ke
12. Liu
13. Mai
14. Mo e
15. Matapulega
16. Mo e
17. Tau
18. Liogi
19. Loto

Bio / Bibliography:

John Pule is an Auckland-based poet, novelist, painter, and multimedia performance artist. Born in Liku, Niue, in 1962, Pule moved to Auckland at the age of two. He started writing when he was eighteen; his first book of poetry, Winter, the Rain!, was published in 1981. Three more followed in the next four years. Pule’s novels, The Shark That Ate the Sun and Burn my Head in Heaven/Tugi e ulu haaku he langi, appeared in 1992 and 1998, respectively. They are the first and second installments in a planned sequence of three. Pule also has a prominent parallel career as a visual artist. His paintings, lithographs and woodcuts hang in gallery and government collections in New Zealand, Niue and Scotland, and have been featured widely in group and solo exhibitions. He also makes regular appearances as a performance poet. Pule has held writer-in-residence fellowships at the Universities of Waikato, Canterbury, Auckland and Hawai’i. His most recent volume of poetry, Tagata Kapakiloi, was published by the Pohutukawa Press in 2004.


Winter, the Rain! Poems, Papatoetoe: Duprint, 1981
Sonnets to Van Gogh & Providence, Otara : n.p., 1982
Flowers After the Sun: Poems, Auckland: J. Pule, 1983
Bond of Time, Auckland: Fragrance on Earth Press, 1985
Tagata Kapakiloi: Restless People, Auckland: Pohutukawa Press, 2004


The Shark that Ate the Sun, Auckland: Penguin, 1992
Burn my Head in Heaven = Tugi e ulu haaku he langi, Auckland: Penguin, 1998

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