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Ross, Jack

[Photograph: Jan Kemp (2002)]

Jack Ross (b. 1962)


New New Zealand Poets in Performance (2008):

Except Once
A Woman Named Intrepid
Disorder and Early Sorrow

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


  1. Recovery [1-2]
  2. Antipodes [1-4]
  3. Except Once
  4. Journey to the West [1-3]
  5. Auckland Girl
  6. Evenings in the Blackout [1-3]
  7. A Woman named Intrepid
  8. Idyll
  9. Proverbial Philosophy
  10. Tiger Country
  11. Index
  12. Last Night at the Party
  13. Disorder and Early Sorrow
  14. Goodbye Love


Biographical Information:

  • Born in Auckland, 6 November 1962
  • BA in English / Italian (Auckland University, 1984)
  • MA in English – 1st class honours (Auckland University, 1986)
  • 1986-1989: UK Commonwealth Scholarship.
  • PhD in Comparative Literature (Edinburgh University, 1990)
  • Taught English Literature full-time for five years, first at Massey (1991) then Auckland University (1992-95)
  • Since 1996, I’ve been working as a freelance writer, while continuing to teach Creative Writing on Massey University’s Albany campus.
  • 1998-1999: co-editor of the Pander (with Vanessa York, Andrew Forsberg, et al.)
  • 1999-2003: co-editor of the poetry magazine Spin.
  • “A Strange Day at the Language School” (Landfall 203 (2002): 119-25) shortlisted in the Landfall Essay Competition.
  • 2002-2005: managing editor of the Arts journal brief.
  • Since 2002: co-director (with Jan Kemp) of the Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive.
  • 2007: guest editor of Landfall 214: Open House.
  • 2009: guest editor of Poetry NZ 38: Featuring Jen Crawford (Auckland & Palm Springs: Puriri Press & Brick Row, 2009).
  • 2009-2011: chair of editorial committee of the Social and Cultural Studies monograph series (Massey University).
  • 2014: guest editor of brief 50.
  • 2014-2020: managing editor of Poetry NZ.

Author's Homepage:

Poetry Publications:

  1. Apollinaire’s Aubade, illustration by Mark Haddon (Edinburgh: Drummond Press, 1987) [translation]
  2. Killing Time (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 1997) [poetry chapbook]
  3. Pound’s Fascist Cantos (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 1997) [translation]
  4. City of Strange Brunettes (Auckland: Pohutukawa Press, 1998) [poetry collection]
  5. [co-author] When the Sea Goes Mad at Night, ed. Theresia Liemlienio Marshall (Auckland: Pohutukawa Press, 1999/2000) [poetry]
  6. A Town Like Parataxis, with Gabriel White (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2000) [poetry / photographs]
  7. The Perfect Storm, with Gabriel White (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2000) [poetry / video]
  8. Featured poet in Poetry New Zealand 22, ed. Alistair Paterson (Feb, 2001) [poetry]
  9. The Britney Suite (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2001) [poetry chapbook]
  10. Chantal’s Book (Wellington: HeadworX, 2002) [poetry collection]
  11. A Bus Called Mr Nice Guy (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2005) [poetry / travel]
  12. Love in Wartime (Wellington: Pania Press, 2007) [poetry chapbook]
  13. To Terezin. Social and Cultural Studies, 8 (Auckland: Massey University, 2007) [poetry / travel]
  14. Papyri (Auckland: Soapbox Press, 2007) [translation]
  15. EMO (Auckland: Titus Books, 2008) [poetry / fiction]
  16. Guillaume Apollinaire: Je donne à mon espoir (Auckland: Pania Press, 2009) [translation]
  17. Jorge Luis Borges: Minotaur (Auckland: Pania Press, 2009) [translation]
  18. The Return of the Vanishing New Zealander (Dunedin: Kilmog Press, 2009) [poetry chapbook]
  19. Kingdom of Alt (Auckland: Titus Books, 2010) [poetry / fiction]
  20. Scenes from The Puppet Oresteia. Artwork by William T. Ayton (Rhinebeck, NY: Narcissus Press / Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2011) [drama / translation]
  21. Fallen Empire: Museum of True History in Collaboration with Karl Chitham and Jack Ross (Dunedin: Blue Oyster Art Project Space, 2012) [drama / translation]
  22. Celanie: Poems & Drawings after Paul Celan. by Jack Ross & Emma Smith, with an Afterword by Bronwyn Lloyd (Auckland: Pania Press, 2012) [translation]
  23. A Clearer View of the Hinterland: Poems & Sequences 1981-2014 (Wellington: HeadworX, 2014) [poetry collection]
  24. "Ice Road Trucker." Six Pack Sound #02. Compiled and edited by Michele Leggott, Tim Page and Brian Flaherty (Auckland: nzepc, 2015) [poetry recording]
  25. Antigone. Design by Bronwyn Lloyd (Auckland: Pania Press, 2015) [poem]


  1. “Imaginary Toads in Real Gardens: Poets in Christchurch.” In Complete with Instructions, ed. David Howard (Christchurch: Firebrand, 2001) 33-61 [interviews]
  2. “Notes on NZ Poetry." On Jacket2 website (April 1-July 3, 2012) [commentary]

Poetry (edited):

  1. Kendrick Smithyman, Campana to Montale: Versions from Italian (Auckland: The Writers Group, 2004) [translation]
  2. [with Graeme Lay] Golden Weather: North Shore Writers Past & Present (Auckland: Cape Catley, 2004) [poetry editor]
  3. [with Jan Kemp] Classic NZ Poets in Performance (Auckland: AUP, 2006) [audio / text anthology]
  4. [with Jan Kemp] Contemporary NZ Poets in Performance (Auckland: AUP, 2007) [audio / text anthology]
  5. [with Jan Kemp] New NZ Poets in Performance (Auckland: AUP, 2008) [audio / text anthology]
  6. Poetry NZ 38: Featuring Jen Crawford (2009). Ed. Jack Ross. ISSN 0114-5770 (Auckland: Puriri Press & Palm Springs, California: Brick Row, March 2009) [poetry journal]
  7. Kendrick Smithyman, Campana to Montale: Versions from Italian. 2004. Edited by Jack Ross & Marco Sonzogni. Transference Series (Novi Ligure: Edizioni Joker, 2010) [translation]
  8. "Look and look again: Twelve New Zealand poets." Jacket2 website (November 29, 2011) [feature]
  9. Leicester Kyle, Koroneho: Joyful News Out Of The New Found World. Edited with an Introduction by Jack Ross. Preface by Ian St George (Auckland: The Leicester Kyle Literary Estate / Wellington: The Colenso Society, 2011) [long poem]
  10. Leicester Kyle, The Millerton Sequences. Edited by Jack Ross. With a Poem by David Howard (Pokeno, Auckland: Atuanui Press, 2014) [poetry selection]
  11. Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 1 [Issue #49]: Featuring Lisa Samuels (2014). Ed. Jack Ross. ISSN 0114-5770 (Massey University: School of English and Media Studies, October 2014) [poetry journal]
  12. Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2 [Issue #50]: Featuring Robert Sullivan (2015). Ed. Jack Ross. ISSN 0114-5770 (Massey University: School of English and Media Studies, November 2015) [poetry journal]
  13. Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2017 [Issue #51]: Featuring Elizabeth Morton. Ed. Jack Ross. ISBN 978-0-9941363-5-0 (Auckland: Massey University Press, March 2017) [poetry journal]
  14. Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2018 [Issue #52]: Featuring Alistair Paterson. Ed. Jack Ross. ISBN 978-0-9941473-3-2 (Auckland: Massey University Press, March 2018) [poetry journal]
  15. Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2019 [Issue #53]: Featuring Stephanie Christie. Ed. Jack Ross. ISBN 978-0-9951029-6-5 (Auckland: Massey University Press, March 2019) [poetry journal]


  1. McLean, Robert. "A Wind Through the Stays of Syntax." Landfall Review Online (August 1, 2015) [review]
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