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Stead, C. K.

[Photograph: Jan Kemp (2002)]

C. K. Stead (b. 1932)


Classic New Zealand Poets in Performance (2006):

from April Notebook
Birthday Sonnet
from The Masks of Catullus

Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Crossing the Bar
2. This Time
3. from April Notebook [5]
4. Cold Moon
5. Birthday Sonnet [9]
6. from The Masks of Catullus [11, 16 & 19]
7. from Yes, T.S.
8. This May be Your Captain Speaking
9. Between
10. Lullaby
11. A Discursive Poem About Poetry and Thought
12. Treasure Island
13. Like
14. Auckland
15. The Right Thing
16. Les Enfants du Paradis
17. Hollywood
18. Horation
19. Gotland, Midsummer
20. Cat/ullus
21. On Turning Seventy
22. Catullus 65

New Zealand Poets Read Their Work (1974):

LP 2, side 1

Whether the Will is Free

LP 3, side 1

For a Children’s LP

Waiata Archive (1974):

CD 8

April Notebook – No. 8
April Notebook – No. 9
April Notebook – No. 10
April Notebook – No. 11
Whether the Will is Free
Ode: Martin McDermott
Pictures in a Gallery Undersea
For a Children’s LP

Bio /Bibliography:

C(hristian) K(arlson) Stead, b. Auckland, 1932, was one of the new poets of the 1950s and ‘60s, and earned an international reputation as a literary critic, particularly with the publication of The New Poetic, Yeats to Eliot, for several decades a standard text on literary Modernism in British universities. He was Professor of English at the University of Auckland for twenty years, established a creative writing course there in the 1980s, and took early retirement (aged 53) in 1986 to write full time. He has won the Jessie Mackay Award for poetry, the Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, the Landfall Readers’ Award (for the best poem in Landfall’s first 15 years of publication), the New Zealand Book Award for fiction (twice) and for poetry, the Katherine Mansfield Menton fellowship, the King’s Lynn Poetry Award, and a number of other literary awards, as well as Nuffield and Fulbright Travelling Fellowships. His novel Smith’s Dream became Roger Donaldson’s first movie, Sleeping Dogs (which was also Sam Neill’s first movie role). In recent years Stead has worked with Donaldson on the script of a movie of his novel Villa Vittoria. The Secret History of Modernism, published in the U.K. in 2001, re-released in 2003 as a Vintage pb, and described by the Irish Times as ‘brilliant… as subtle as Jane Austen and as fatalistic as Thomas Hardy’, was his ninth novel. The Spectator (U.K.) reviewer of his eighth novel, Talking about O’Dwyer, wrote ‘It seems incontestable that C.K.Stead is among the very best contemporary novelists’. Dog, 2002, is his twelfth collection of poems. He has published two collections of short stories, six books of literary criticism, and edited a number of other books including the Penguin Modern Classics selection of Katherine Mansfield’s letters and journals, and the Collected Stories of Maurice Duggan. His work is represented in all major New Zealand anthologies of poetry and short fiction of the past several decades. His novels are published simultaneously in New Zealand and the U.K. and have been variously translated into French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese and Croatian. He spends two or three months of each year away from New Zealand, most often in England and France. He was awarded the C.B.E. in 1985 for services to New Zealand literature, elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1995, an Honorary Visiting Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford, in 1997, and awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Letters by the University of Bristol in 2001. His tenth novel, Mansfield, will be published in May 2004. He is married with three children and (to date) six grandchildren.

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