Monday, November 12, 2007

Strang, Barbara

Barbara Strang (b. 1944)


Aotearoa NZ Poetry Sound Archive (2004):


1. Flowers Track
2. Mother Tongue [1-3]
3. Downs
4. The Road to the Beach
5. Definition
6. Hearts
7. Indigo
8. Touched
9. From this Distance
10. Visiting You
11. You will Miss Out
12. Reading Andrew’s Poems
13. Georgic
14. The Shake-up
15. Manawatu Sunday
16. Haiku [1-12]
wedding day
river flats
you speak of divorce
after you left
his fiftieth birthday
crawling through the cellar
spring day
over the loudspeaker
on the sand
waiting for her birth
17. Soundings
18. 11th November
19. From the Hide, Again
20. The Blank Page

Bio / Bibliography:

Born 29/5/44, Invercargill. Educated Southland Girls High School, Otago, Canterbury and Victoria Universities. Has an M.A. in Creative Writing (Vic)- 1998. She has two sons, a daughter and one grandchild. Lives at McCormacks Bay, Christchurch. She has had poems, haiku, short stories, articles and children’s writing published and broadcast. She won the Aoraki Festival Competition (1998) for ‘Soundings’ and the haiku section the 1997 New Zealand Poetry Society Competition for ‘wedding day’. She was also a runner-up in the Takahe Poetry Competition for her poem ‘Mother Tongue’, and has been placed in numerous other contests. Her first book of poems, ‘Duck Weather’ has been accepted by the Poets Group, Christchurch.


2002 - Big Sky: An anthology of Canterbury poetry - ‘Flowers Track’ (accepted)
Savage Gathering (New Zealand Poetry Society anthology), ‘You Have Missed Out’; the haiku ‘listening to his tale’ & ‘beached boat’
Listening to the Rain: ( Small White Teapot Haiku Group) fourteen haiku
2001 - Duck Weather: The Poets Group (accepted)
An Exchange of Gifts (NZPS anthology) the haiku ‘homecoming’, ‘after you left’ & ‘breaking up’
2000 - The Whole Wide World: (NZPS anthology) ‘Queen of the Skies’; the haiku ‘after the audition’
Half Light & High Wind. (Airing Cupboard Press) ‘November 11th’, ‘From this Distance’, ‘The New Zealand Death’; two haiku
1999 - Tapping The Tank (NZPS anthology): ‘The Road to the Beach’, From the Hide Again’; three haiku.
1998 - Climbing the Flame Tree (NZPS anthology): ‘Duck Weather’, ‘Settler Culture’; three haiku.
Second New Zealand Haiku Anthology (NZPS): thirteen haiku.
1997 - The Ordinary Magic (NZPS anthology): ‘wedding day’ and three other haiku.
1996 - Throwing the Words (Airing Cupboard Press): ‘to a nude’, ‘Vintage Year’, ‘From the Hide’, ‘My Antipodes’.
Catching the Rainbow (NZPS anthology): ‘The Life Model’; five haiku.
1995 - Voiceprints 2 (Canterbury Poets' Collective): ‘A Blameless Apron’, ‘Once Upon a Course’.
1994 - the old moon and so on (NZPS anthology): two haiku.
1993 - On the Line (Airing Cupboard Press): ‘Unhampered’, ‘Looking Back’, ‘Take my Cake’.

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